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Hey there, business rockstars! Want to amp up your brand’s frequency on the airwaves of cool? Plug into KIKX 104.7 BOB FM, where we mix business with… well, not exactly pleasure, but definitely Guns & Roses! As the #1 adult variety station in Magic Valley & Wood River Valley, we’ve got the audience (28,375 dedicated weekly listeners) and a dial stuck on the ‘80s, ‘90s, and 2000s classics!

At BOB FM, we’re more than just a radio station. We’re the ultimate mixtape of your life – from your first air guitar solo to that awkward slow dance at prom. We’re there when our listeners need a laugh, a cry, or a solid headbang, and we do it all with a slice of wit and humor that’s as sharp as the notes of a Journey song.

Ready to take the mic? Fill in the form below and let’s start this gig!

Why Market with BOB FM? Let’s Face the Music:

  1. Strum the Right Chords: Our core audience of 18-49-year-olds are tuned in and ready to rock out with your brand. They’ve got taste, influence, and a thing for businesses that get their groove.
  2. Hit the High Notes: We’re the maestros of classic hits that have our listeners tapping their feet and your ads tapping into a captive audience.
  3. Crowd-Surf on Our Reputation: BOB FM is the cool older brother everyone wants to hang out with. When we say your brand is rockin’, our listeners will want to check you out.

Ready to Rock with BOB FM?

If you’re all about making your brand the headliner, we’re ready to be your roadie. From power-ballad-worthy jingles to foot-tappingly good sponsorships, our advertising options are as diverse as our playlist. And our creative team? Let’s just say they can turn your message into a chart-topper, with a dash of humor and a dollop of professionalism.

Don’t be a one-hit wonder. Join the band at KIKX 104.7 BOB FM and let’s create a marketing melody that’ll have Magic & Wood River Valleys jamming along with your brand!

Source: GFK MRI Doublebase – 2020 – Weighted to Population (000); No audit was generated for this report; Projections relatively unstable. Radio Advertising Bureau / *Eastlan Burley-Twin Falls Survey, Feb – July 2023, Persons 12+ Monday through Sunday 6am to 6am

Facts about Bob

"Bob’s drone has a super-sensitive microphone. It’s not for spying on conversations, but to hear what music his neighbors are listening to."

We are an Iliad Media Group station