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Jimmy Fallon + U2 + NY Subway = ? [VIDEO]

What happens when you Jimmy Fallon and U2 put disguises on for a little NY Subway fun and games?

Well, if you’re lucky enough you’re one of just a few lucky people that get rewarded to a completely impromptu concert.

Watch the whole thing here.

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U2 Playing Small Concert in L.A. Tonight For 500 Lucky Fans

Fan’s for The Dan Band are upset, and according to the Roxy’s website, The Dan Band had been scheduled to perform tonight, but the show has been “rescheduled.”

Instead, tonight, the U2 will play a special surprise club gig that will take place at The Roxy in West Hollywood, California.

The Roxy show is a free show. U2 is sending their fans to its Instagram page for details.

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The Who Hits 50!

There is no more significant a milestone in Rock Music than the 50th Anniversary. Through the decades, THE WHO redefined rock music as we know it and their influence continues in all areas of popular culture to this day.

THE WHO HITS 50 continues throughout all of 2015 with very special re-releases throughout the year, a huge celebratory show in Hyde Park and headlining the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury for the second time.

As part of the on-going celebrations, on August 14th the second in a series of 7″ singles box sets will be released following The Brunswick Singles 1965-66.

The Reaction Singles 1966 is volume two of a four-part set of classic Who singles by labels (Brunswick, Reaction, Track and Polydor), containing five 7″ singles from the Reaction label pressed on heavyweight vinyl with paper sleeves (reproducing the period graphics front and back with die-cut center holes).

The singles are housed in a rigid ‘lid-and-tray’ outer box and features a 7″ sized color booklet with liner notes about each release by Who biographer Mark Blake.

In early 1966, The Who broke their contract with producer Shel Talmy and Brunswick Records and signed a temporary deal with their agent and future music mogul Robert Stigwood’s independent Reaction Records. In March, just before Brunswick released “A Legal Matter” without the Who’s permission, the band issued their own new single, “Substitute.”

The Who’s bust-up with Shel Talmy meant that the original “Substitute” single, with “Circles” on the flipside, had to be withdrawn from sale. The Who reissued the single a week later with “Circles” re-titled “Instant Party.”

When “Substitute” reappeared for a third time, it’s new B-side, an instrumental entitled “Waltz For A Pig,” was credited to ‘The Who Orchestra’ but actually featured another of Robert Stigwood’s clients, the Graham Bond Organization. Despite that legal tug of war, “Substitute” reached No. 5 in the UK; a timeless snapshot of The Who in their power-pop prime.

The five-track EP Ready Steady Who was released in November ’66, the title of which is a reference to the popular ITV pop show Ready Steady Go on which the band were regular guests.

The EP’s song selection was certainly eclectic, “Circles,” a track that had appeared as the B-side of the original “Substitute” single, made a re-appearance on the A-side here, and was joined by a new Townshend composition “Disguises,” a song driven by hypnotic percussive rhythms and jangling guitar. The reverse side of the EP featured The Who in a lighter mood. It included one of their current live numbers, a version of the popular Batman TV show theme, plus two of Keith Moon’s favourite songs: U.S. surf duo Jan And Dean’s “Bucket T” and “Barbara Ann,” which had been a hit for The Beach Boys earlier that year.

The Reaction Singles 1966

b/w “Circles” AKA “Instant Party”
(Reaction 591001) Released March 4, 1966.
NOTE: Reaction issued 3 versions of 591001. The first two were as above but the b-side had differing titles.

b/w “Waltz For A Pig”
(Reaction 591001) Released March 14, 1966
This is version 3 with the unusual b-side credited to ‘The Who Orchestra’.

“I’m A Boy”
b/w “In the City”
(Reaction 591004) Released August 26, 1966

Ready Steady Who (EP)
“Disguises,” “Circles”
b/w “Batman,” “Bucket T,” “Barbara Ann”
(Reaction 592001) Released November 11, 1966

“Happy Jack”
b/w “I’ve Been Away”
(Reaction 591010) Released December 9, 1966

As one of the greatest live bands of all time, The Who will take to the Great Oak Stage in London’s iconic Hyde Park on Friday, June 26th for Barclaycard Presents British Summertime with very special guests Paul Weller, Kaiser Chiefs, Johnny Marr, Gaz Coombes and many others. The all-day bill will feature many more brilliant acts that owe an artistic debt to one of the most influential of all British bands.

Coldplay Parodies Game of Thrones [VIDEO]

As part of Red Nose Day that aired Thursday night on NBC, Coldplay has done something AMAZING.

Coldplay has put together a Game of Thrones parody like no other.  It features the show’s cast and was written by Chris Martin.  [WATCH HERE]

“Red Nose Day,” began in the U.K. 30 years ago and made its American debut this year. The event benefits 12 charities that help children.

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What Happened to Soda or Booze Sponsored Tours?

It doesn’t seem that long ago when most tours were sponsored by the latest soda or other beverage.  But it seems those days are gone.

The 2015 summer concert season is set to break 2014’s sponsorship revenue record of more than $1.34 billion, yes that’s a B.  But Pepsi or Coke aren’t breaking out the cash.

Here’s a  breakdown of some of the biggest pairings;

  • Taylor Swift with Comcast Xfinity
  • The Who with Citi
  • Foo Fighters with Citi
  • U2 with Salesforce
  • Lady Antebelleum with Quicken

Just say it out loud in your head with the big announcer voice… “See U2 brought to you by Salesforce, the customer success platform”.  See it just rolls off the tongue.

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