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Eric Clapton Fun Facts – Part Two

Eric Clapton is at or near the top of every ‘greatest guitarist’ poll, so we’re spending a little time getting to know Eric better. Here’s part two of Eric Clapton fun facts…

Although the Yardbirds had commercial success, Eric was not pleased with the groups move to more commercial recordings (he wanted to remain true to his blues roots) leaving the band just as the song “For Your Love” hit the charts, selling millions of records.

Eric struggled with alcohol and heroine addition in the 70s -being friends with Greg Allman didn’t help. The two became the heartbeat of Derek and the Dominos, recording the hit “Layla,” an anthem to Patti Boyd.

Eric grew up not knowing his mother was his sister (she gave birth to Eric when she was only 16). He has battled drug addiction for nearly 30 years, and lost a child in a tragic New York accident. Eric Cpalton has won 18 Grammys, selling over 130 millon albums in his career. There may never be another quite like Eric Clapton.

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The Plain Spoken Tour

John Mellencamp is a thoughtful and successful rocker from rural Indiana, and has been on tour and in studios for over 30 years. His latest 2016 tour is called the Plain Spoken tour and features all of the hits. He’s still rocking out with many tour dates this year! Here are some of those upcoming dates and cities:

April 1st, Tulsa, OK
April 4th Springfield, MO, Juanita
April 5th Davenport, IA
April 7th Duluth, MN
April 9th Lawrence, KS
April 10th Springfield, IL
April 12th Muncie, IN
April 13th Huntington, W
April 17th Erie, PA
April 19th April Hartford, CT
April 29th Portland, ME
April 23rd Albany, NY

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Another Big Beatles Bite

It’s time for another Beatles Bite… The song “Daytripper” is a wonderful Beatle song that was actually the ‘B’ side (meaning the record company threw a song on the reverse side of a vinyl single of the ‘A’ side). “We Can Work it Out”, released in December 1965 was the hit. The song hit number one in the charts and continues to be one of the most played Beatle songs on FM radio.

Here’s a little backstory. There’s actually an audible drop out of the tambourine around two minutes into the tune, and then a couple more times before the song ends. It seems to be a studio mistake when the tape scrambled itself and nobody noticed – but not caught until the record was pressed for distribution.

The most inside story of the song is the intro, or guitar open. The song was written with no real beginning, and at the recording session the studio engineer asked John to play something, which John did. The beginning of “Daytripper” is one of the most recognizable song beginnings in all of rock and that’s why.

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Eric Clapton Fun Facts – Part One

Eric Clapton is considered one of rock’s most enduring and talented guitarist of all of rock. We’ve followed his life through his music, and read about his tragedies. Let’s take a couple of days to find cut more about Eric. Here’s part one of Eric Clapton fun facts…

Eric Patrick Clapton was born in Surrey, England in March of 1945 to a 16-year-old teenager. Eric’s father fought in the war for England, but flew off to Canada as he returned home. Jack’s stepdad was a man by the name of Jack Clapp, and Eric was raised by his grandmother thinking he had an older sister (his mum).

Eric’s first guitar was given to him at the age of 13, and he was heavily influenced by the American blues guitarists Buddy Guy and B.B. King.

The Yardbirds became the vehicle that rode Eric to fame in 1963, and the band had a large regional following, so much so that they replaced the Rolling Stones as the house band of a poplar bar in the UK. How influential is Eric Clapton? Consider the incredible fact that Eric was the founding member of all of these memorable bands: Cream, The Yardbirds, Derek and the Dominos, and Blind Faith.

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Dave Stewart’s Tell All

Dave Stewart, of one of our favorite groups the Eurythmics, has written a ‘tell all’ memoir that will drop the names of Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks and more. The Stevie Nicks story is a classic example of how some kids shouldn’t play together.

The two met backstage at a venue on the heels of the Eurythmics #1 song “Sweet Dreams are Made of This,” and after the show, Stevie invited Dave to her home for a party that would be in full swing upon their arrival. When the two arrived at Stevie’s house, there was no party, rather an empty house. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Dave Stewart was considered the driving force behind the Eurythmics. Dave and Annie Lennox had a long and successful run in the business, earning an MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist in 1984, a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals in 1987, and selling millions of records.

Dave has a reputation of being a valued contributor in the studio for many performers, and these days’ lives in Hollywood, allowing him to focus on his new found love – writing soundtracks for the movie industry.

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