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Billy Joel Out On Tour

Captain Jack is on tour again in 2016, and it’s a live performance you will not want to miss. Billy Joel has sustained stardom since his “Piano Man’ days in the mid-70s, and holds the record for appearances at New York’s MSG, has earned countless Grammy and Billboard awards, and was once married to Christie Brinkley.

Billy has sold over 150 million albums, and is in the Songwriters, Rock and Roll, and Long Island Music Halls of Fame. Here is a look at concert dates for Billy Joel.

7/1 – New York City, NY
7/29 – New York City, NY
8/9 – New York City, NY
8/18 – Boston, MA
8/28 – Chicago, IL

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Pet Sounds From the Beach Boys Celebrates 50 Years

‘Pet Sounds’ by the Beach Boys is 50 years old this year, considered by many to be the best album from its era. “Wouldn’t it be Nice,” “Sloop John B,” “God Only Knows,” and “Caroline No,” all come from this Brian Wilson classic.

Glen Campbell plays his 12 string electric guitar on the album, as do a majority of the legendary Los Angeles based ‘Wrecking Crew’ studio musicians. Rolling Stone Magazine lists ‘Pet Sounds’ as #3 of the greatest albums of all time, VHI lists the album as #3, the New York Times considers the album to be the number one album ever. The album is the complete effort of Brian, written and recorded over a five-month period in 1966, as Brian had stopped touring to concentrate on creating the next Beach Boys album.

‘Pet Sounds’ was considered a concept album in that it had contained tracks of barking dogs and Coca Cola cans. The expense was enormous as well, running up studio expenses of nearly $800,000, unheard of for a record at the time of its recording. The project was all Brian and ruffled the feathers of all the other members of the group as they fought over song selections, lyrics, and overall direction of the album.

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Rockers Writing It Out – Part Two

How many times have you thought about writing a memoir or autobiography? Well your favorite musicians have, and we think the following books are worth picking up…

“Chronicles by Bob Dylan” is a wonderful look at the man, the legend, the icon Bon Dylan.

“Chuck Berry: The Autobiography” by Chuck Berry pulls back the curtain to reveal the true story of the artist who broke the color barrier, spent time in jail, and walked the walk in a musical journey unlike any you will ever hear.

Finally, “John Lennon: The Life,” “Divided Soul”: The Life of Marvin Gaye,” and “Petty: The Biography” are all worth your time as each book is well written and reasonably priced in both hard bound and paperback.

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Led Zeppelin Wins Court Case

Thursday of this week was a busy day in our judicial system, given the Supreme Court has handed down a few opinions and rulings today. Not to be outdone, Led Zeppelin made legal news today as well. If you’re a fan of the iconic group of British rockers, this will warm your heart.

In what has taken over a year to litigate, the estate of the late rock group ‘Spirit,’ Randy California had brought suit against Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, claiming that the pair had pirated (stolen, ripped off) the signature guitar open in “Stairway to Heaven,” from Spirit’s 1968 “Taurus.” It makes sense in a way in that there are sound similarities, and Zeppelin did open for Spirit early in their careers.

At the end of the day the record label and Led Zeppelin were thrilled with the verdict from eight members of a California community sitting in the courtroom, and are looking forward to more days in the sun and twilight of their careers.

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James Taylor and All His Grammys

James Vernon Taylor has always had a great deal of affection for the Carolina’s as heard in his song lyrics, North Carolina in particular, but did you know he was actually born in Boston in 1948? The family moved to Chapel Hill, NC when James was three, where growing up James enjoyed the upper class stylings of the south and the early days of folk music. James has won five Grammys and has sold over 100 million albums.

James has struggled with addition much of his adult life, the primary reason for his break up with wife Carly Simon and dark lyrics. The song “Fire and Rain’ written in 1970 was inspired by the suicide of a childhood friend and his own addictions.

Although James is considered an acoustic guitar virtuoso, his first musical instrument (pushed by his well to do parents) was the cello. James moved away from the cello in his early years to learn the guitar. Hey! Chicks don’t dig the cello, but instead dig the guitar!

James was inducted into both the Song Writers and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame in 2000. He’s also in the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame, and has an honorary doctorate from Williams University in MA. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was being honored with a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015.

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