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Greg Lake, the ‘Lucky Man’ is Gone

Greg Lake, an original member of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, has died at the age of 69. These are sad days indeed, as earlier in the year we lost Keith Emerson to self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Greg knocked around England in the mid-60s, playing ‘progressive rock’ music in anonymity until the formation of King Crimson with classmate Robert Fripp. As that band’s commercial success waned, Greg left King Crimson and joined Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer to form ‘Emerson, Lake and Palmer.’ The rest they say is rock and roll history. We’d like to remember Greg for his haunting vocals in the Emerson, Lake and Palmer song ‘Lucky Man,’ a tune about the assassination of JFK. That song alone makes Greg Lake immortal,

Greg’s vocals and guitar talents on every ‘ELP’ song is unmistakable, his contributions to the 60s and 70s is easily documented. Ironically, Greg Lake’s biggest musical moment didn’t come from Emerson, Lake and Palmer, rather from a solo project that produced the Christmas classic ‘I Believe in Father Christmas,’ a tune that firmly places Greg in our hearts forever.

Greg Lake, the voice of “Lucky Man’ and an all around wonderful guy, dead at the age of 69.

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Friday’s Rock and Roll Fun Facts

You’re a pretty smart person that knows a lot about many things, including your favorite music. Let’s see if you knew these ‘Rock and Roll Fun Facts’…

Who gave Eric Clapton the ‘Slowhand’ nickname? It was the Yardbirds.

The classic song “Freebird” is dedicated to Duane Allman. Did you know that the tune “Blue Sky” was written by Dickey Betts about his girlfriend whom he later married?

The Van Halen brothers were born in the Netherlands, forced by their parents to learn classical piano, but moved to the USA and picked up electric guitars. Did you know the name of their first band? It was Mammoth.

The group UB40 got their name from the form used by the unemployment office in Britain, where unemployment was high at the time the band formed.

If you loved the song “Let’s Dance” from David Bowie, or any of the songs from that album, you must love Stevie Ray Vaughn. You’re hearing the guitar of Stevie.

There are three members of the band ZZ Top. Their signature beards make them easy to recognize. Did you know that the only member of the band that does not have a beard, has the real last name of Beard?!

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Meat Loaf on Oprah!

Meatloaf has been an enduring meal for nearly 50 years. Coincidentally, Meat Loaf the singer has been an equally enduring recording artist for nearly that long as well. Just this past month, Meat Loaf had made a return to music with the release of his new LP ‘Braver Than We Are’ with tunes written exclusively written by Jim Steinman, Meat’s partner in crime since 1977.

If you loved “Bat Out of Hell,” “Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad,” or “Paradise By the Dashboard” then you’ll want to check out Meat Loaf on Oprah this Saturday the 10th, at 10pm Eastern on the OWN network. Meat Loaf has appeared on Broadway, TV, Film (Fight Club) and more, and his return to the bright spotlight makes us all smile.

Did you know that his real name is Marvin Lee Aday, born in Dallas TX in 1947? He’s been a vegetarian for over 15 years, and earlier in the year had a health scare by passing out on stage during a live concert in Edmonton Canada in mid-June

Be sure to check out Meat Loaf check with Oprah this Saturday the 10th, at 10pm on the OWN network.

Heart’s New Home Video You Must See

Heart’s founding daughters, Ann and Nancy Wilson, have released a new home video “Live at the Royal Albert Hall with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” this week, documenting Heart’s first performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

The concert was taped during a June 2016 performance at the Royal Albert Hall, and included their biggest songs, “What About Love,” “These Dreams,” “Alone,” “Crazy On You,” “Barracuda” and “Magic Man.” Heart also played a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter” for the show, on the video. If you’re ever wanted to be at a Heart concert and missed your opportunity, this HD experience will be the next best thing.

The video and overall performance is special as the 68-piece Royal Philharmonic Orchestra became a musical partner for the show, and the view also included interview segments of the girls talking about their joy of the experience.

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John Glenn and Great Songs of Space Travel

Astronaut John Glenn died in Columbus, Ohio at the age of 95 today (Thursday). John was an original American hero and member of the NASA space program. We don’t often think of the space program, but the microwave, smoke detectors, solar energy, and even the portable vacuum were all benefits from the space program.

John Glenn flew the Friendship 7 Mission in 1962, becoming the first American to orbit the earth. John became a Senator from his native state of Ohio, and along the way earned the Congressional Medal of Honor, being accepted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame in 1990.

Here are our favorite songs about space or space travel. Rest in peace John Glenn.

1.) ‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie
2.) ‘Supersonic Rocket Ship’ by The Kinks
3.) ‘Space Cowboy’ by Steve Miller
4.) ‘Mr. Spaceman’ The Byrds
5.) ‘Space Truckin’ by Deep Purple
6.) ‘Outta Space’ by Van Halen and Billy Preston
7.) ‘Across the Universe’ by The Beatles
8.) ‘Space Station #5′ by Montrose. From: Montrose
9.) ‘Walking on the Moon’ by The Police

Photo credit: NASA

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