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Memorial Day Box Office Weekend Results

We’re always following the box office news and there is plenty to talk about on this Memorial Day holiday. Specifically, let’s talk the newest X-Men and Captain America movies…

The new Captain America: Civil War movie has topped Deadpool for highest grossing film this year. It’s no surprise considering the hype it had before the movie came out. The movie has gone for over $1 billion internationally with over $370 million coming in the United States.

This holiday weekend we saw X-Men: Apocalypse be the highest grossing movie, but it was underwhelming considering year’s past. It brought in just $65 million over the four-day weekend. The previous movie in this series brought in $110 million during its opening weekend.

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Drama and Comedy Nominations at the Teen Choice Awards

On Thursday we discussed the top movie selections from Sci-Fi and Action movies at the Teen Choice Awards. Today, we’ll be talking about the Drama and Comedy nominations for this award show.

Creed has itself a nomination at all three Drama categories and that’s because of Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson’s great performances on the big screen. Matt Damon and The Martian are up for awards as well, which comes as no surprise. What a great movie that was!

For Comedy, you know that Kevin Hart and Ride Along 2 would be a part of the award show. Jennifer Aniston snuck in with a nomination as well with her hilarious role in Mother’s Day.

There are so many great movies that will be honored at the Teen Choice Awards. Let’s take a look at the specific awards and who was nominated…

Choice Movie: Drama

Miracles from Heaven
Straight Outta Compton
The Martian
Point Break
10 Cloverfield Lane

Choice Movie Actor: Drama
Jacob Tremblay – Room
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant
Matt Damon – The Martian
Michael B. Jordan – Creed
O’Shea Jackson Jr. – Straight Outta Compton
Taron Egerton – Eddie The Eagle

Choice Movie Actress: Drama

Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl
Jennifer Garner – Miracles from Heaven
Jennifer Lawrence – Joy
Jessica Chastain – The Martian
Tessa Thompson – Creed
Brie Larson – Room

Choice Movie: Comedy
Barbershop: The Next Cut
Ride Along 2
The Intern
Mother’s Day
Mr. Right
Zoolander 2

Choice Movie Actor: Comedy
Ice Cube – Barbershop: The Next Cut, Ride Along 2
Kevin Hart – Ride Along 2
Will Ferrell – Daddy’s Home
Zac Efron – Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
Jordan Peele – Keanu
Keegan-Michael Key – Keanu

Choice Movie Actress: Comedy
Jennifer Aniston – Mother’s Day
Anne Hathaway – The Intern
Melissa McCarthy – The Boss
Anna Kendrick – Mr. Right
Chloë Grace Moretz – Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
Nicki Minaj – Barbershop: The Next Cut

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Action and Sci-Fi at the Teen Choice Awards

The 2016 Teen Choice Awards are a few months away and there is just so much to talk about when it comes to the awards that will be given out at this award show. We’ve broken down the movie nominations into two parts so as not to bore you. Today we’ll be looking at the Action/Adventure plus Sci-Fi/Fantasy categories.

Deadpool did great at the box office and as well with these nominations. Ryan Reynolds was a star and is nominated for Choice Movie Actor as well as his female counterpart in the movie, Morena Baccarin, who is nominated for Choice Movie Actress.

For the Sci-Fi/Fantasy nominations, the awards come down to basically three movies: the newest Star Wars movie, the Captain America v Superman flick, and Captain America. Let’s take a look at the specifics…

Choice Movie: Action/Adventure

In the Heart of the Sea
The Divergent Series: Allegiant
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
The Jungle Book

Choice Movie Actor: Action/Adventure
Neel Sethi – The Jungle Book
Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool
Chris Hemsworth – In the Heart of the Sea
Dylan O’Brien – Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
Theo James – The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Choice Movie Actress: Action/Adventure
Charlotte Riley – In the Heart of the Sea
Kaya Scodelario – Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
Léa Seydoux – Spectre
Morena Baccarin – Deadpool
Shailene Woodley – The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Choice Movie: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens
Fantastic Four
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Captain America: Civil War
The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Ben Affleck – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Henry Cavill – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Josh Hutcherson – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2
Chris Evans – Captain America: Civil War
Chris Hemsworth – The Huntsman: Winter’s War
Robert Downey Jr. – Captain America: Civil War

Choice Movie Actress: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Amy Adams – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Daisy Ridley – Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens
Jennifer Lawrence – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2
Scarlett Johansson – Captain America: Civil War
Charlize Theron – The Huntsman: Winter’s War
Chloë Grace Moretz – The 5th Wave

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Movies Opening This Weekend – May 27th – 2016 [videos]

The weather is warmer and the movies are getting even hotter this weekend. Be sure to get your ticket for the latest installment of the X-Men, the age old ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ and an unusual French comedy you will surely enjoy. Are you a fan of alternative rock? If you are, then you’re certainly familiar with the band Crazy Town and the guiding force of Adam Goldstein, a DJ who survived a firefly plane crash in 2009, only to die of a drug overdose later that year. When it’s your time, it’s ultimately your time right? ‘As I AM: The Life and Times of DJ AM’ is the best music documentary of the year, pulling back the curtains of this amazing rags to riches story.

Hollywood also offers a French foreign film that uses laughter as its motivation to bring you to the theatre this weekend. Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Anne Hathaway shine this weekend at your local movie house.

Enjoy the movies this weekend – I always do!

The Ones Below (2015)
(R) 87 min – Thriller
Director: David Farr
Stars: Clémence Poésy, David Morrissey, Stephen Campbell Moore, Laura Birn

A British couple brings a beautiful child into this world, and so do their neighbors living below. Being new parents is about the only thing they have in common and the interaction between these couples result in suspense, envy, and passion. That’s when they world begins to unravel. [watch trailer

Holy Hell (2016)
(NR) 100 min – Documentary
Director: William Francesco Allen
Stars: Amy Allen, Cristala Allen, Gina Allen, William Francesco Allen

This documentary brings fear, deception, suspicion and truth to reality as it chronicles the real life story of a Hollywood cult in the 80s that will remind you of David Koresh and the Peoples Temple Jim Jones. [watch trailer

X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
(PG-13) 144 min – Fantasy
Director: Bryan Singer
Stars: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult

The celebrated X-Men must unite to defeat the world’s first mutant, and prevent the extinction of all mankind. The apocalypse is close than you think. [watch trailer]

Alice through the Looking Glass (2016)
(PG 13) min – Adventure
Director: James Bobin
Stars: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway

Alice returns to Wonderland, traveling back in time to help save the Mad Hatter. [watch trailer]

As I AM: The Life and Times of DJ AM (2015)
(NR) 109 min – Documentary
Director: Kevin Kerslake
Stars: DJ AM, A-Trak, Niko Achtipes, Nadia Angelini

The alternative rock band Crazy Town featured the spinning talent of DJ Adam Goldstein, known as DJAM. He left the band and turned his exploits on the ‘1’ and ‘2’ to the tune of millions of dollars and worldwide notoriety. This is the behind the scenes documentary of the most popular DJ of our time, and his tragic yet predictable death. [watch trailer]

Chevalier (2015)
(NR) 105 min – Comedy
Director: Athina Rachel Tsangari
Stars: Vangelis Mourikis, Nikos Orphanos, Yorgos Pirpassopoulos, Yiorgos Kendros

A group of men on a fishing trip begin to play the most dangerous game, competing for more than bragging rights. In an unusual foreign film, ‘Chevalier’ combines Eddie Murphy, Monty Python, and Will Farrell to entertain all who play along. [watch trailer]

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Angry Birds’ Successful Weekend at the Top

The Angry Birds movie was given a wide range of reviews heading into the movie’s opening, but it proved many wrong with a great first weekend. It was the number one movie this past weekend bringing in $39 in ticket sales. The movie also added over $100 million internationally.

With Sony itching to put out a successful movie, they gave Rovio most of the opportunity to profit from the movie. They backed the movie with $173 million and as such will be the main benefactors of all profits.

Captain America: Civil War brought in just over $30 million, bringing them to a total of just under $350 million through three weeks.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising finished in third this weekend with just over $21 million in ticket sales. It did not produce like many thought it would, as it received great reviews and it’s 2014 version did quite well.

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