For The 12 Month Period Ending May 31, 2013

Employment Units
Station Facility ID Type Location
KPDA 69857 AM Twin Falls ID
KIKX 28212 FM Ketchum ID
KYUN 166021 FM Hailey ID
KIRQ 164129 FM Twin Falls ID
KTPZ 164127 FM Hazelton ID

A:  The following is a list of all vacancies for full-time jobs during the previous 12 months:

Job Title Date of Opening Date Filled
Account Executive 04/01/13

B:  During the previous 12 months, the following recruitment sources would have been used if full-time openings had occured. Those with an asterisk (*) were organizations that requested to be contacted as job opening occurred:

Recruitment Source Address Contact Person Telephone Number
Community Council Of Idaho 406 Gardner Avenue  Twin Falls Roy Villasener (208) 734-3336
Idaho Job Service 711 North College Road Twin Falls Geoff Greer (208) 735-2500 ext 3634
CSI Student Placement Box 1238 Twin Falls (208) 732-6306 Web Online

C:  The following is a list of the sources for full-time jobs shown in Section A above and the recruitment source which provided the hiree for that position:

Job Title Recruitment Source
Account Executive Word Of Mouth

D:  During the previous 12 months, there were a total of 10 people interviewed for vacancies for full-time positions. The following is a list of the total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source shown in Section B above.

Recruitment Source Total Number of Interviewees
On-Line 2
Word Of Mouth 2
Industry Referral 1

E:  During the last 12 months, the station employment unit (would have used/engaged) in the following (menu option) initiatives:

  • Participation in Job Banks, Internet Programs to Promote Outreach.
  • Mentoring Program To Allow Station Personnel To Acquire Skills That Can Qualify Them For Higher Positions.
  • Worked with personnel to teach other parts of station operation for future promotions.
  • On Air Announcements And Employee References To Disseminate Job Opening Information.

Name of Respondent: Locally Owned Radio, LLC

Name: Jerre Fender

Title: Operations Manager

Date: 5/31/2013

Telephone Number: (208) 735-8300